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内蒙古农信官方下载$310.00 AUD

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内蒙古农信官方下载Comprehensive monthly directory of Internet sites commonly requested by learners when researching in the library. Between 80 and 100 up-to-date and relevant World Wide Web sites are selected each month to meet the research needs of learners. Each site is annotated and placed under a school subject heading. Sites are carefully chosen for their educational content and usefulness by a teacher librarian and experienced educators.

The MARC format can be loaded into a school library catalogue that accepts USMARC records. Each month the file is updated and can be imported to add to or replace the previous month(s) and maintain an up-to-date listing of working sites. 12 month subscription.

Subscription sample: To download a sample in MARC format, right click on and choose "save".

Price: AUD310 no tax applies and exchange rate charges are extra. 


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