Posted on 31/07/2015 by P. Pledger

Congratulations to Virgilio G. Medina Jr. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for his project:  Libraries for Labour Camps.

The award is given for outstanding and innovative school library projects, plans, publications or programs that could serve as models for replication by individuals and associations are recognized by this award. In accord with LinksPlus' focus on access and adding value to information, applications are welcomed which illustrate innovation in collecting, organizing and distributing value-added information within and beyond the school community.

The award is open to all print-based and electronic-based projects. The recipient is awarded a certificate of commendation and US $1000 and has opportunity to demonstrate the project at the IASL annual conference.

Applications should argue a case for recognition of excellence by including appropriate documentation such as a brief description of the project including organizational and management issues, the target audience, participants’ response and value to the school or community.

Selection is made by the IASL LinksPlus -- Library Commendation award panel.

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